All-In-One Guide for The New Zealand Skilled Worker Visa

All-In-One Guide For The New Zealand Skilled Worker Visa

By: Aisha

New Zealand is regarded for having a strong and scalable economy with different job profiles that require a big number of competent workers to fill positions. With a lowering native workforce, New Zealand faces an employment demand-supply mismatch that it intends to address with skilled migrants.  New Zealand aims to employ around 40,000 new skilled workers each year to fill this gap. Now is your time to apply for a New Zealand skilled worker Visa because it's your chance to take your career to a new height.

New Zealand Skilled Worker Visa Requirement (Revised Version)

It's important to stay updated about the New Zealand skilled worker visa requirements; otherwise, you might miss out on the opportunity. 
  • You should have a 6 or more IELTS band in English prior to applying. 
  • Your passport is verified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 
  • An updated passport-size photo.
  • A job offer letter. It has to be signed and verified by the employer. 
  • A verified character verification certificate by the police officials. 
  • NOC from a health professional as well as your bank statement with enough money to support you for 6 months or more. 

New Zealand Skilled Worker Visa Eligibility

The NZ skilled worker visa has some prerequisites that you need to fulfil. It includes: 
  • Submit a valid ID to the officials. 
  • You should have a job offer from a registered company. 
  • You should have a Washington Accord or a Sydney Accord Grad certificate; if not, then your university should be recognised by the New Zealand Government. 
  • Have valid certification for the skilled job for which you have submitted your EOI. 

List Of Skilled Jobs Open for Recruitment In New Zealand. 

A New Zealand Skilled Migrant Visa will be given to these skill holders:
  • Constriction 
  • Engineering 
  • Finance and business 
  • Health and Social Service 
  • ICT and electronics
  • Hospitality 
  • Science and 
  • Traders. 
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*Health and Social Service has more openings than other fields. 

Guide To Initiating The New Zealand Skilled Worker Visa Application Process

New Zealand's skilled work visa has an application process for you to follow.
  • Upon entering the web page, click on Skilled Work Visa.
  • Check all your documents for all sorts of discrepancy so that it doesn't get rejected because of a document mistake from your end.
  • Once you are done with your application and submission. You need to have some patience as you wait for your visa's approval.

Process Time and Fees for Skilled Worker Visas In New Zealand 

New Zealand skilled immigration Visa takes a little time to process, and you need to make payment for the same. Let's have a look below for the concerned details:
Skilled Visa type
Time to process
Fees to be paid
Skill Migrant
1 months to 1.5 years
Between $800 to $4000
Long term skill shortage
5 months

Bottom Line

Now that we have given all the details about the New Zealand Skilled Worker Visa, you can easily begin with the process soon. Whether it's gathering the necessary documents, understanding the eligibility criteria, or knowing the steps involved in the application, you have all the essential information at your fingertips. Begin your journey towards a new opportunity in New Zealand with the assurance that you are fully informed.


Q: What Documents Are Needed for The New Zealand Skilled Worker Visa Application?

Ans: The significant documents comprise a valid passport, medical certificates, a job offer (if applicable), verification of work experience, proof of English language proficiency, academic and professional qualifications, and police clearance certificates.

Q: Is It Possible for My Family to Accompany Me If I Get The New Zealand Skilled Worker Visa?

Ans: Yes, it is possible for your spouse/partner and dependent children to accompany you once you get the New Zealand Skilled Worker Visa. It is highly likely that they may also receive visas to live and work or study in New Zealand.