Maxim Immigration Refund Policy

This website does not intentionally create an advisor-client or consultant-client relationship between Maxim Immigration and you, the visitor/reader/user, when you use it for information of any kind. Such an association is only permitted when Maxim Immigration receives a fee for advisory or consulting services. But if a visit results in an advisor-client or consultant-client relationship, the client agrees to the following as part of the policy of refunding consultation fees:

A fully new contract of engagement (COE), decided and signed between the two parties, namely, Maxim Immigration, the client, governs the relationship between an advisor and a client or consultant. The terms and conditions of this kind of agreed-upon and signed contract of engagement/agreement for employing the services of the immigration consultant in its role as an advisor are entirely separate from the terms and conditions of usage of the specific website.

Since no two contracts of engagement will ever be identical and may differ from client to client, it is the responsibility of the visitor, reader, or user to formally request a draught copy of the contract of engagement (COE) from Maxim Immigration, review the COE and any applicable refund policy, and only then agree to pay the fee to Maxim Immigration.

The client shall provide all necessary information and documentation, including any English translations, in the format required by Maxim Immigration and the relevant Visa Office. Based on the information and documentation provided by the customer, it has been fully approved by the aforementioned immigration consultancy.

The immigration consultant accepts no accountability whatsoever for the not particularly favorable impact of the same on the outcome of the subsequent rejection of the petition on this basis, even though no refund can be claimed under such circumstances, either of the consulting fee or the amount paid to the govt. Organizations! If the furnished details are found to be deficient, fake, inaccurate, or incorrect, and so not entertained by the concerned Immigration bodies!

The scope of Maxim Immigration's mandate is limited to providing the client with appropriate assistance regarding the instructions and issues about the submission and processing of his petition for an immigration permit based on the phases specified in the contract of engagement offered distinctly and signed by both groups and only for the phases for which Maxim Immigration has been paid.

We, as the best migration agency, have no control whatsoever over a negative modification to the current selection criteria, as stated on this website, that occurs after the execution of the given deal, where there is a change in the pass mark after the execution of the given COE, or where there is a subsequent petition of new regulations on the petitions submitted previously.

The client is required to provide, within 30 days, all papers, documents, and information necessary for the in-question immigration consultancy to present the client's petition for a skills appraisal to the relevant appraisal organization for visa services. If the customer is unable to follow suit, it will merely imply that the advisory/consulting cost supplied to Maxim Immigration has already been paid in full.



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