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Did you just complete your post-graduation and now want to work abroad? Is gaining work experience after your master’s your main agenda now? If so, get a post-graduate work visa from Dubai to fulfill your dream to work abroad.

We at Maxim Immigration help you get a post-study work permit to work and earn abroad once you achieve your post-graduation degree. Those seeking the study-to-work-to-residence pathway to get permanent residency abroad should get on board with us for this visa process.

Our stellar reputation for helping people in Dubai meet all of their post-study work visa and immigration requirements has earned us the title of the best work permit visa consultant. Avoid mistakes throughout the visa application process, as our immigration consultants streamline the entire migration procedure.

From learning how to apply for a post-study work visa to its benefits, eligibility criteria, and more, learn everything about this work permit visa and how we can help.

Choosing The Best Post-Study Work Visa Consulting Services

Learn how to choose the right visa consultant in Dubai like us with these few tips:

The Consultancy's Size

The consultant you hire should have a strong track record on the market since this will give you a sense of its reputation and aid in your decision-making.

Examine the quantity or statistical breakdown of applications that have been submitted and approved before choosing any immigration consultancy service. The information determines how likely these experts will approve your application.

Personalized Visa Assistance

Check to see if the consultant for the visa consulting is actually looking at your profile or if they are just giving you broad information about the visa possibilities. Your application will be approved based on these trustworthy and skilled workers' employment responsibilities and other information.

After the appointment, they will give you a straightforward evaluation of your chances of getting a visa. Additionally, ensure that the consultant approaches you or the relevant immigration authority to settle any discrepancies in your application.

Background Check

One of the most common mistakes clients make when choosing a consulting firm is failing to do background investigations. Check the history of the consultancy periodically to see whether there have ever been any cases of fraud or punishment.

Several times, reputable consultants have concealed their history of sanctions to entice and convince clients to hire them. You must do a background check to avoid having your application delayed or possibly rejected.

Social Media & Google Reviews

Look at the possible agency's accounts on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The latest updates will be given to you through this. An agency is dishonest and unreliable if a page is missing, empty, or dormant.

As marketers point out, nothing beats recommendations from friends and family. Verify any prospective immigration consultancy's web reviews. This will give you first-person, unvarnished thoughts of people about the agency.

Why Hire Maxim Immigration for Your Post-Study Work Visa Needs?

By relying on our considerable knowledge and years of experience, we ensure that our customers successfully get their visa work permits.

Qualified Immigration Advisors in Dubai

We are the most trusted and reliable immigration agency, skilled and dedicated to helping you have your visa application accepted. We work very hard to provide you with excellent services and precise immigration advice so that you can accomplish your relocation objectives.

Since they all have extensive knowledge of the subject, our immigration specialists may advise customers about relocating to particular countries.

Immigration Services at Low Work Permit Fees

Our moving services can be tailored depending on your needs and available budget. We want to give you the most personalized migration advice and insight possible so that you can postpone making financial commitments until you are certain that your visa application has the best chance of being approved.

Simple Immigration Procedures

The current immigration system is complicated, contradictory, and illogical. We take great satisfaction in streamlining the immigration process as much as we can. Our history has been dedicated to ensuring we can always give our clients the least stressful immigration experience possible in the country of their choice.

How We Help You Through the Post-Study Work Visa Application Procedure?

We at Maxim Immigration provide the best visa assistance services to every Dubai-based people in other countries seeking guidance with the entire post-graduation immigration process. Here are the steps we help you with during the post-study work visa process:

  • Pre-Assessment Phase: Using a PR points calculator, we evaluate your suitability for immigration based on criteria like language proficiency, age, education, and adaptability. Also, we guide you through ways to ensure compliance with all the work permit requirements for this visa.
  • Form Filing: Once you meet all the eligibility criteria, a work permit with and without IELTS won’t be an issue, as we guide you accordingly. Our consultants will help you fill out the post-study work visa application form for the country you want to immigrate to and work in.
  • Documentation Assistance: We help you organize the documents required or checklist for the post-study work visa in a streamlined manner. Our consultants will outline all the documents you require for the work permit visa of the country you want to immigrate to after post-graduation.
  • Letter Drafting: We collaborate with ICRC registered and approved visa agents to help you draft the statement of purpose and other written documents necessary for the post-study work permit visa procedure.

Our Solutions to Your Most Basic Post-Study Work Visa Queries

We Prepare You for a Post-Study Work Visa Interview

The visa interview phase is more difficult to pass than it first appears. No matter how well you prepare, navigating the interview without the appropriate advice will be difficult.

So, we, as your immigration experts in Dubai, will get you ready for the interview stage. In recent years, the procedure has become fairly strict. The interviewers will immediately reject your application if you don't seem completely secure in what you are saying.

How We Deal with Application Rejection?

There is typically only one response to this query in the market: "We will refund your money." Refunds, however, won't make up for your rejection. So, you require Dubai-based immigration consultants like us who shorten the visa application processing time and analyze your paperwork or suggest alternatives.

Unregistered agents typically withdraw from the negotiation process after a denial by giving you a refund since they lack access to case officers. This is where registered agents like us come to aid.

Our Registered Agents Ensure Personalized Visa Assistance Services

It is only fair that you can speak with the consultant directly if you are paying them to represent your interests to prevent any communication hiccups.

You would be better off avoiding collaborating with the agent if you discover that they keep making excuses when asked for the details of the certified consultant. Seize the best overseas career opportunities by getting this work permit visa in no time with us.

We Keep You Posted About Your Post-Study Work Visa Application Status

Finally, find out from your consultant how regularly they will update you on the status of your immigration application. But keep in mind that processing immigration applications can frequently take months or even years.

So, there may be a lot to report on your case each week. However, we, as your Dubai immigration advisors, return your calls and emails quickly and keep you informed whenever possible.

Get The Best Immigration Solutions with Us – Apply for a Post-Study Work Visa Hassle-Freely with Us!

At Maxim Immigration, we know all the cutting-edge methods that make moving less difficult. Our professionals have years of experience processing every type of immigration. Our clients receive our most exceptional care, and we work hard to fulfill their wishes.

Selecting us as your immigration consultation service may be your best decision. Our main goal is to assist students in choosing wisely when it comes to continuing their studies overseas. The students can also seek help from our advisors on student visas by learning more about the foreign scholarships available to overseas students.

The backbone of our immigration agency is the group of specialists who work with us. They have provided numerous students, professionals, and families with outstanding immigration services thanks to their extensive industry experience. So, contact our staff if you need complete guidance while applying for a post-study work visa abroad.

We are one of the most reliable and trusted Immigration & Visa consultant helping you to move or settle in your dream country. We are expert in Immigration & Visa services for top countries like: Canada, New Zealand (NZ), Australia, Germany, United Kingdom (UK), United States (USA), Portugal, Denmark, South Africa (SA), etc. We deliver a hassle-free experience for numerous families in making informed decisions while choosing their dream destinations. We serve our services for all middle east countries like: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE, Beirut, Lebanon, Cairo, Alexandria, Egypt, İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Turkey, Doha, Qatar, Baghdad, Basra, Iraq, Amman, Jordan, Tehran, Mashhad, Iran, Kuwait City, Damascus, Syria, Riyadh, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Muscat, Oman, Israel, Bahrain, etc. Maxim Immigration has helped thousands of people to get ahead in life by providing them an opportunity to study, work, and live in foreign country.

Contact us today for your post study visa requirements.

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FAQs on Immigration and Visa Services:

How do I know if my immigration consultant is real in Dubai?

A consultant from the ICCRC guarantees you a flawless application procedure, minimizing inconveniences and the likelihood of rejection. Visit the ICCRC website and enter their name, registration number, and company name to see if they are ICCRC-certified.

Is it worth getting an immigration consultant?

Spending time and money on an immigration expert is a wise decision. They can aid you in avoiding errors and snags that might result in denial or prolonged processing timeframes. They may also assist you in locating economical alternatives that will enable you to save money.

Should I use an immigration consultant?

An immigration advisor can assist you in avoiding errors that could lead to expensive delays or rejections. They can also assist you in choosing the finest visa choices for your demands and financial situation.



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