Understanding the Latest Changes in Australia’s Visa Policies

Understanding The Latest Changes In Australia’s Visa Policies

By: Aisha

In December 2023, the Australian Home Affairs Minister, Clare O’Neil released important changes in their visa policies which may impact several international students and skilled workers, entering the continent island. The Australian government will continue to adopt these changes for at least the next two years. We have outlined the shift in Australia visa immigration below.

New Reforms Brought in by Australia Visa Services for 2023-2024

Regarding Australia visa online, Home Affairs Minister, Clare O’Neil revealed the reforms in December 2023. In the meeting, he emphasized the significance of shifting the visa policies for Australia visa application. Not only this, but he also underlined the fact that the government plan goes beyond just modifying the numbers. Below are some essential changes outlined in the Australia visa immigration process.
  • Australia visa requirements for student visa
  • Skills in demand visa on Australia visa application
  • Australia student visa for Indians
  • Removal of Labour Marketing Testing on the Workforce Australia Visa online
  • Australia Visa Requirements for Student Visa

Regarding the student visa, the government revealed new reforms in Australia visa immigration. According to the policy, international students must have higher scores on the English language fluency tests, with increased consideration on second visa applications to allow more stays. Under the English Fluency Testing System, international applicants acquiring a graduate visa will require a score of 6.5 instead of 6.0, while student visa applicants will need a 6.0 from 5.5.
  • Skills in Demand Visa on Australia Visa Application

According to the Australian government, it was disclosed that they will introduce a new visa known as the ‘Skills in Demand Visa’ which is a replacement for the current temporary skill shortage visa. With this visa, the skilled workers will get an opportunity to migrate to employers, providing them a clear path towards permanent residence. The highly skilled workers will attract specialist skills in sectors such as technology and energy. The Australia government believes that their economic system will diversely grow in the next 10 years after implementing this reform.
  • Australia Student Visa for Indians

Australia’s High Commissioner stated that the commitment agreed between India and Australia under the Australia-India Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement (AI-ECTA) will be imposed under the new migration policy. Though, Indian graduates will continue to be eligible for a graduate visa for the following:
  • Bachelor's Degree for 2 years
  • Master’s degree for 3 years
  • PhD completion for 4 years
  • Removal of Labour Marketing Testing on the Workforce Australia Visa Online

According to this policy, there will be a removal in the requirement for employers to promote on the Workforce Australia website. Due to this change, the subclass 482 and 494 nomination applications will allow employers great versatility related to the LMT conduction. 


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