How To Get a Canada Visa from Dubai?

How To Get A Canada Visa From Dubai?

By: Aisha

If you are planning either a short or a long trip to Canada from Dubai, then you will definitely need Canada visa services. Canada Visitors Visa comes in single entry and multiple entry depending on your motive for visiting the country. You can travel to Canada from Dubai with ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization), but it has its own terms and conditions. It includes. 
  • Your document type. 
  • Country offering the travel documents. 
  • Nationality.
  • What are your plans for visiting Canada? (Business, Study, Tourism) 

Canadian Visa Eligibility for Dubai residents

Before you go to submit the Canada visa application, you need to fulfil the eligibility criteria. 
  • A travel document such as a passport. 
  • There were no health complications. It is better if you have health insurance in your name. It will help with your Canadian visa applications. 
  • Must not have any criminal background or conviction dates. 
  • You need to have a job or a family in Dubai to ensure that you will get back home at the end of the visit and won't stay in Canada for long without a proper reason. 
  • A good bank balance. 

 What Can Make You Unfit for Getting A Canada Visa?

Avoid these situations or your visa applications can come flying out of the Canada visa office.
  • Criminal History
  • Human rights Violation
  • Crimes of an organised nature.
  • Involvement in a security breach.
  • Health risks and complications.
  • Financial issues.

Documents To Carry Along While Applying for A Canada Visa

Make sure to bring these documents when you go to the Visa consultant office for Canada visa application before flying from Dubai to Canada. 
  • A passport valid for at least the next six months.
  • Residential Documents of the UAE. 
  • Passport-size photo with a white background and no borders. 
  • Affidavit of Invitation supporting your reason to visit Canada.
  • Medical NOC.
  • Bank Statements. 

Steps To Apply for A Canada Visa

Follow these steps to successfully apply for Canada visa in Dubai. 
  • Collect all your documents, like citizenship proof, residential proof, your residential proof, a driving license, and a birth certificate (if minor). 
  • To submit an application online for a tourist visa, initially register a profile via the IRCC. In addition to the application form, you have to submit all of the necessary paperwork and deposit the associated costs.
  • Make sure to submit your biometrics (fingerprints and photos). 
  • Prepare for the interview, as Canadian visas are issued after the interview with the applicants. 
  • Finally, you will receive your visa via mail and post. 
 Canada Visa Processing time is at least 15-20 days long, so you have to be patient during this time. 


Canada often offers multiple entry visas only when you have any business- or job-related requirements. Also, they strictly review your application before they issue the visa because of their strict policy for tourists, visitors, and students. So, it is possible that it will take more time than usual before you finally get your visa.