Work Visa from Dubai: Convert Your Skills into Strength

Work Visa From Dubai: Convert Your Skills Into Strength

By: Aisha

Dubai is a city of wealth and opportunities. People from different cultures and countries come to this country to lead the life of their dreams. Moving to the gulf in search of a job is not so difficult because you don't need a reference, or a job in hand as a mandate. Just having the right skill set can help you get a job seeker visa from Dubai.

Eligibility Criteria to Get Job Seeker Visa from Dubai

Before you start out with your job seeker visa application go through the eligibility criteria given here:
  • Need to have a skill set of at least tier one, two, three or four.
  • You should have a Graduate degree in any stream from any globally recognised University (both Distance and regular are valid)
  • You are bound to complete the Graduation and year after coming to Dubai to seek a job.

Documents Required to Apply for Job Seeker Visa Requirement Dubai

If you are wondering about how to get job seeker visa and what documents are required, then have a look below.
  • A coloured photo
  • Government verified documents: Passport, Ration Card and Voter ID proof.
  • An applicant passport and a SOP/EOI for job seeking.
  • An Evidence of Qualifications (University degree as well as skill-based degree like Diploma degree in Vocational Courses).

Note: Having a sponsor is not mandatory for getting a work Visa from Dubai.

What Is the Dubai Job Visa Duration for Different Countries?

Depending on the country, the job seeker visa cost, as well as the visa duration, varies. We have classified the visa validity period for applicants from different countries. When applying, you can choose between a 30-day, 60-day, 90-day, and 120-day work visa. Also, the Job Seeker Visa fees depend on the number of days for which you are applying. Additionally, residents from countries like Australia, Canada, China, Singapore, and Ukraine need no prior visa application, as you can get them upon reaching Dubai. 

What Skills Are Important for A Job Seeker Visa from Dubai?

Know the job seeker visa requirements of Dubai before you apply for it, because a skill set is necessary for getting a well-paid job in this land of sand. 
  • For a top-level job, you should be a skilled lawyer, manager, or business executive.
  • The 2nd and 3rd tiers need skilled individuals in the science and humanities fields as well as technicians.
  • Writing professional that can be employed in the print and digital media sectors. 
  • Other skills that are in high demand in Dubai are: sales experts; agriculture; fishery and animal husbandry graduates; construction site workers; teaching.

Job Seeker Visa Application Process for Dubai

To get a job seeker visa, follow these instructions carefully so that you can avoid getting rejected and get through it in the first go.


After going through this guide, you can now understand how to apply Job Seeker Visa From Dubai. The city offers great career opportunities as well perfect work life balance for anyone looking to move here.