New Citizenship Laws for Germany Immigration: Complete Guide

New Citizenship Laws For Germany Immigration: Complete Guide

By: Aisha

Germany is considered one of the best places for those seeking a fresh start and new opportunities. Are you one of those who are looking to reside in Germany permanently and acquire a Germany visa? Then, you are at the right place! Here, you can find how to get Germany Immigration after the implementation of New Citizenship Laws. The German government has eased out its citizenship process. Look no further, because here’s a complete guide on how you can get a Germany visa. 

What is a Germany Citizenship or a Germany Visa?

Germany citizenship is granted to those individuals who have completed their 8 years of being a resident within the boundaries of Germany. To be eligible for getting a German citizen visa, you must have lived there for at least 8 years. By becoming a German citizen, you will be getting some benefits. They are as follows:
  • The right to move freely.
  • You will get the right to vote
  • You will be secured and protected.
  • The right to become a civil worker.
  • The right to access the German job market.

New Citizenship Laws for Germany Immigration

Following are some highlights of new citizenship laws for those seeking Germany Immigration:
  • Language Fluency Tests and financial stability a key eligibility criteria for citizenship.
  • The time frame of residency requirement for citizenship has been reduced from eight years to five.
  • If one parent has successfully resided in Germany for a complete 5 years, his/her child will be granted Germany citizenship.

New Updates for Immigrants Germany Citizenship Laws

Recently, the government of Germany has released some new citizenship laws for immigrants that have eased the whole situation. The main reason for this new law implementation is to overcome the shortage of workforce in the country. And, one of the major steps taken by the German government is to minimize the period from 8 years to 5 years.

Main Changes Made for Immigration to Germany

Apart from the above-mentioned laws, there are a few main changes in the citizenship law made by the government of Germany. They are listed as follows:
  • First, the candidates who are legally living in the country will have a stay of 5 years to apply for Germany citizenship. In some cases, it has been reduced to only 3 years.
  • The children that are born in Germany will get permanent citizenship, even if one of their parents has been living in the country for a complete 5 years.
  • The immigrants above the age of 65 will have to give an oral test of German language fluency. Earlier, they were supposed to give a written test for the same.


In conclusion, immigration to Germany has been made easy after the implementation of the new rules. And, migrating to Germany will open doors of opportunities and advancements to all its foreign nationals and residents. Your Germany Immigration process can be handled by us at Maxim Immigration. We are a certified migration agency who deals in assisting its clients and those who are seeking to live or work in Germany.