How to Apply for a New Zealand Visa?

How To Apply For A New Zealand Visa?

By: Aisha

Who doesn't want to work in New Zealand when one can earn an average salary of 97,300 NZD annually? Flooded with job and business opportunities, New Zealand can be the next big thing in your career. To achieve this milestone, you must start by understanding the basic application process for the New Zealand Work Visa.

New Zealand Work Visa Requirements

These New Zealand work visa requirements are a must before starting with the application. So make sure to collect all the necessary documents carefully before you start your New Zealand work visa process:
  • A Passport.
  • Passport-size photos 2. (It must have been recently clicked.)
  • Job offer letter signed by the employer. 
  • A character certificate must be signed by a police official or any gazetted officer. 
  • Certificate of proficiency in the English language by IELTS. 
  • NOC certificate from health personnel. 
  • Bank statements with enough savings to support your stay. 

New Zealand Work Visa: Skills and Eligibility

In this section, you will learn about the eligibility criteria for New Zealand work visa application.
  • You must provide a valid ID card.
  • Make sure to have an NOC from the police station as a statement of your good character. 
  • Bring a job offer letter attached to your visa application. It must have the following details about your job as well as employer details: contact information and name, name of the firm, and address.
  • You also have to provide an employer supplementary form with your application. 
  • You should have received a degree in professional courses. 
  • You need to have work experience of at least 2–3 years in the related field.

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Guide To Begin the New Zealand Work Visa Application Process

If you’re wondering how to apply New Zealand work visa, then keep reading. For starters, you should start with the form. It needs to be filled out meticulously, as no mistakes are made by the authorities. Also, any such errors can lead to rejection of your visa application. 
  • Make sure to have a valid job offer from a company registered with the New Zealand government. 
  • Open the page for applications and select Work Visa. 
  • Scan all your documents and match their eligibility with the given T&Cs.
  • Apply for New Zealand work visa online or contact a consulate for assistance with your visa application. 
  • Wait for the visa approval.

New Zealand Work Visa Processing Time

Work Visa Type Processing Duration
Skilled Migrant  4 weeks to 18 months
Accredited Employer 20 to 44 days
Diplomatic 49 days
Long term skill shortage 150 days
Study Work Visa 1 months
Seasonal Employees 50 days
Entertainer Visa 2 weeks.

New Zealand Work Visa Cost

The New Zealand Work Visa cost differs depending on the type of work visa that you are applying for. However, the average charges are between $800 and $4,000, depending on the process involved in your visa approval. 


Now that you know all the processes involved in getting the New Zealand Work Visa, we wish you luck with your job and staying in a beautiful country like New Zealand.