Apply For Australia Work Visa: Find Opportunities to Thrive in Australia

Apply For Australia Work Visa: Find Opportunities To Thrive In Australia

By: Aisha

If you are having the right skill set as a professional, be it in medicine, education, sales or any other industry, then Australia can be one of the best countries to take your career to a new height. Understand the requirements and eligibility criteria to get an Australia work visa before starting out with the application process.

In this guide, we will be laying out the complete process for you. But first, let's see the type of work visa you can apply for.

Types of Australia Work Visa

Before you learn how to get Australia Work Visa, take a look at the types of work visa you can apply for through the Australian Visa agency.

There are two types of working visa available: permanent working visa and temporary working visa. 
To get the Permanent Australia work visa, you need to get nominated under the employer nomination scheme. You can also get registered under the RSMS scheme, to get a skilled nominated visa or a distinguished talent visa. 
For a temporary working visa, you can apply under TSS, Skilled Regional Provisional Visa, TW Visa, or Working Holiday Visa. 
The Australian government can issue a long-term visa in case of you having an Australia work visa sponsorship by your employer.

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Australia work visa

Requirements for an Australia Work Visa

Australia has a set of eligibility criteria that you need to fit into before you can get your visa. These are some of the Australia work visa requirements:
  • You should not be more than 25–32 years old. 
  • Having an IELTS score of 2 is mandatory. 
  • You should have work experience of at least 8–10 years.
  • You must have a doctorate degree. 
  • State Sponsorship (it's not mandatory, but if you can get it, then it will help in your visa approval process)
  • Your spouse should be a permanent resident of Australia. 
  • Relative or regional sponsorship. 

How To Apply for An Australian Work Visa?

Know the steps thoroughly to know how to apply Australia work visa via an online application process:
  • Match your skill set with the skills that are in demand in the Australian market. 
  • Submit an EOI. 
  • Choose your visa type (permanent work visa or temporary work visa).
  • Collect and scan your documents. 
  • Lodge a visa application online. 
  • Get your health checkup done and keep your health insurance updated.
  • Attach everything to the application and pay Australia Work Visa Fees. 
  • Attend a biometrics appointment with the visa officers for verification. 
  • Now you will get your NOC and visa approval via mail.

What Is the Fee for The Work Visa?

If you don't have an Australia work visa sponsorship given by the regional government, employers, or your relatives, then you have to pay your fees yourself. No matter in which subclass of applicant you fall, you need to pay between AUD 1160 and AUD 4640, depending on what you have been asked to pay at the payment gateway. 


Having a good work opportunity in Australia can give you a promising lifestyle, fewer work hours, health care benefits, and study opportunities that you can pursue with your job. Now that you know how to get Australia Work Visa and the endless opportunities it offers; you can start applying at the earliest.